Pricing Detail

Desktop/Online/Web App Pricing :  

Plan Price
1 Photo Credits $1.99
3 Photo Credits $4.99
5 Photo Credits $7.99
10 Photo Credits $14.99
25 Photo Credits $19.99
50 Photo Credits $24.99


Mobile App Pricing:

Capture The Magic has just released the CAPTURE THE MAGIC mobile app for both the Apple iOS App store and the Google Android Play Store.

Mobile App Pricing Available by downloading the Mobile App.  Download by clicking the buttons below:




NOTE: The Capture The Magic Web App and the Mobile App are not integrated from a user account standpoint. The two services are utilized independently. Users can create accounts with our online Web App.  Users pay for photos by the number of photos with credits. Users download mobile apps from their respective stores and then purchase in-app sticker packs to create photos.