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Here at we are very proud of the quality of the images produced by our Magical Photo Engine (MPE). Please feel free to download a FREE example photo to see the quality for yourself.
(Once your image is displayed in a new window you can right click->Save As to your computer.)

Customer Examples

Here are examples of what others have created with our CaptureTheMagic website. If you have a compelling creation please let us know and we will look at adding to this gallery.

Example Image 1

This site is awesome!

Erica H., Miami, FL

My kids are going to go crazy when they see that daddy and I got a shot of Santa Claus in our living room Christmas Eve. This is better than an empty glass of milk and cookie crumbs!

Example Image 2

Please don't tell

Allison M., London, England

I don't have kids but I came across this Web site while looking for a way to create a unique Christmas card to send to friends and family. I think this photo turned out great.

Example Image 3

Santa popped right out

Bill J., Toronto, CN

I created this memory for my daughter Ashley who's really hoping to catch Santa this year. She won't be able to stay awake so I plan on showing her this photo Christmas morning. She's been trying to be a good girl this year and deserves the toys she's asked Santa for. Thanks!

Example 4

Santa visits the National Christmas Tree

Brian R., Washington DC

I decided to insert one of your Santa images in a photo we took of the National Christmas Tree on the Mall in Washington DC. Thought it was a cool concept. I'm going to make this photo my Christmas Card.

Example Image 5

Captured him coming down the chimney

Carol M., Boise, ID

My kids are going to do backflips. Ever since they’ve heard about Santa they’ve asked us to take a picture of him. I really like the fact that I can create a photo that doesn't show Santa's face, so we can leave something to the imagination. They will love this, and so will my husband. I’m not going to tell him I’m doing this! It will be such a big surprise for him too!

Example Image 6

Santa coming into the house

Scott P., Austin, TX

This is so cool - and I don’t even have kids yet. I did this for my niece and nephew as a surprise, and I really think they will like it!

Example Image 7

Santa was in the kitchen

Liz K., Los Angeles, CA

Who wouldn’t do this for the reaction of a lifetime? My kids are going to love it!

Example 8

Captured Santa Dragging in the Presents..

Sherry D., Melbourne, Australia

I’ve done everything to convince my kids that Santa’s for real - cookies and milk, notes, boot and hoof prints - but this will top them all! How will they be able to doubt me now? I Love It!

If you've created a photo you would like to share with others, please send it to us. Tell us what you think, and include your name and hometown! Send to:

Our Examples

We've gathered up some examples from the staff to provide some ideas on how you can use the site to create the illusion of Santa in or around your home.

Example Image 1

Capture Santa Outside!

Who says Santa needs to be caught near the tree? Put Santa on the roof of your home or in the driveway. Tell your kids you heard some clatter and ran outside to see what was the matter!

Example Image 2

Weird and Magical Poses

For a non-traditional approach to capturing Santa, try showing his hand reaching into a stocking or grabbing the tree from above.

Example Image 3

Maintain the Illusion

Many people we've spoken with don’t want to show Santa's face in the photo. They prefer to maintain the illusion of mystery with their creation, so we’ve included many shots of Santa from behind.

Example 4

Why Can't I get a clear photo of Santa?

Santa is magical and he can't be photographed. Use the blur function on the adjustment page and make your Santa very blurry as compared to the rest of your room. You can tell your kids that you tried but it's just not possible. Santa is magic!

Example Image 5

Santa is Magic - Part II

We’re currently working on some new special effects that allow you to add swooshes and swipes of Santa into the photo. Again, you can tell your children that Santa is Magic and it’s very hard to capture his photo. Please stay tuned for these new features.

Example Image 6

Santa Loves Animals

Show your kids a photo of Santa talking to your dog or petting your cat. Kids know Santa can speak to animals, so why not prove it?

Example Image 6

Santa Loves Animals (Part II)

Show your kids that Santa has the ability to talk with all the animals not just your pets.